Top 9 Best Home Security Cameras of 2018

Best Home Security Cameras of 2018

“Do you want to know what happens inside your house when you go outside?” “Do you want to keep your family safe every time even when you are not present with them?” “Do you want to know who is stealing packets from your shop?” “Do you want to know whether your neighbor visits your house or not while you are working in the office?” Checkout our list of best home security cameras.

If you are having the above questions in your mind, then let me tell you that I can completely understand your situation. Believe me or not few weeks ago I was also in the same dilemma that you are suffering from.

Let me tell you…

The answer to your questions is a Security Camera which you fix up at your home, your garage etc.

But here’s the kicker:

Now we know the solution to our questions is to buy a Security Camera or should I say the Best Home Security Camera 2018. You might be over whelmed to hear that there are a wide variety of Security Cameras available in the market.

Some security cameras have great features and some are available at a pretty cheap price in the market. That’s when another problem arises which Security Camera would be the best for us.

No need to worry…

After spending hours of research and several weeks to test the features of a security camera we have come up with this article. In this article, we have written a buyer’s guide to buy the best Security Camera.

Taking into consideration several features like view resolution, price range and several other important factors, we have come up with a list of top 9 best Security Cameras of 2018 available In the market which you can buy to ensure your family safety and at the same time making the thieves to think twice before entering your house.

Understand Security Camera

Security camerasIn its simplest form, a Security Camera can be defined as a camera which is used to have a close watch on your family, or to have an eye on your house when you are not present there. Gone are the days when Security Cameras were limited to business offices, public places, or rick house owners.

Now a days Security Cameras are affordable to almost every person. In the modern era as time is passing everyone on this planet is trying to make themselves, their household items, other materialistic things and their family especially as secure as possible.

Thus, Security Cameras serve as a boon in solving the “Security” problem to a great extent. Security Cameras ensure that there is a layer of protection that is enabled in order to prevent our family members from robbery, any other mishappening.

In case of some unnatural event happens like robbery, murder etc then Security Cameras play a vital role in giving police a clue so that it can help them in their investigation.

In order to understand Security Cameras more deeply, it can be classified into two types:-

  1. InDoor Cameras– They act as an extra layer and are placed inside house in order to detect any unusual activity like break-in or so.
  2. OutDoor Cameras– They are placed outside house and are an extra protection so that thieves or burglars think twice before entering the house for suspicious purposes.

Both the cameras are not different. They both serve the same purpose and are used to spy. Both have the same type of cameras in them and almost the same features. We will learn about them In a bit detail later in this article.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Security Camera

As we have already discussed that Security Cameras are used to have a close eye on what is happening inside our house. They are also a great means to track the crime by the police. Thus, everybody needs the best security camera and thy often neglect what features should be present in the security camera and thereby end up buying a low Quality Security Camera.

Thus in order to ease up the process for you we have complied and present you the factors which you should consider while buying the best Security Camera for yourself In order to have a great level of security :-

Motion Detection

The first feature that must be present in your Security Camera is Motion Detection. Whenever you are not present at your house then you can enable motion sensor feature in your security camera.

What this feature does is that if any activity is detected ( any motion is detected) then due to this motion sensor technology feature you are going to receive push notifications on your mobile phone or tablet or app etc.

The Motion Sensor feature is generally present In all of the Security Cameras now a days as serves a great purpose.

Want to know the best part…

If any suspicious activity is noticed by this motion sensor then it just captures the images or videos and automatically sends it to you through push notifications.

With the help of Motion Sensors we can enable our security camera to do 24 hour surveillance and in the case if any activity or motion occurs then the recording of that session is done and sent to us via push notifications.

Motion Sensors, thus save our disc space and there by reducing the cost applied to save the recording.

Note: You have to adjust the settings of the Motion Sensor as some times a case may happen when you set the sensitivity of the motion sensor to be too high, in this case your security camera may return some false positives which will ultimately annoy you

Thus make sure that your security camera has a motion sensor.

The more megapixels your security camera is the more clearity and zooming ability for the picture you will get.

Camera Resolution

One of the most important thing that you should look for while buying a Security Camera is Camera Resolution.

The highest resolution that we found out in the camera is 1080 p. But you can also go with 720 p resolution depending on your requirements.

If you didn’t understand what camera resolution means then let me explain…

The camera resolution refers to the level of clarity that your security camera will give you. In other words we can also say that the more the pixels the higher the resolution, the higher the resolution the higher the clarity of the image/ video.

Now there’s one more point I need to make…

If you want to track the highest level of detailed and clear image of what is happening inside your house, then you should buy the 1080 p Security Camera.

Having a good camera resolution will help in getting good clear images if and when needed.

If you have costly and precious things in your house, then in case a robbery happens police will be able to investigate the scene and try to get every minute details of the scene if the camera is of high resolution.

Bottom line…

You need to make sure that the camera resolution is good enough to satisfy your needs like getting images clearly etc.

Field of View

Field of View is very important and you need to take special care of this point while buying a Security Camera for yourself.

Basically the field of view represents the area of vision which is going to covered by your Security Camera.

In other words Field of View represents the distance up to which your security camera can capture the things clearly.

If you want to take proper care of your house then you might think of deploying one security camera outside your house, one security camera for your garden and so on, so that a large portion of your home gets captured in the camera.

Thus number of security cameras will depend on what minute detail you want of your house in the security camera.


While reviewing various Security Cameras we found that the security cameras were inputting the sound through microphone and were throwing out the sound through a speaker.

Speaker feature comes In handy at times when someone has entered your house with wrong intentions and you can just talk to that guy at that time without being physically present there. This way you can scare off that person.

The Security Cameras that have both feature can serve as an intercom.

You can check the specifications of the Security Camera with respect to sound and buy it if the sound specs of the security camera is equivalent to your expectations.

Movement of the Security Camera

A Security Camera can see between 100 degree to 180 degree. You have to carefully check the movement of your security camera as if your security camera does not cover all the area that you want then you are going to place additional security cameras for the rest of the area.

Thus In order to capture the largest area check the movement of your security camera closely.

Night Vision

At times, you might face certain situations when you are sleeping and some unusual activity like robbery or such things have occurred. You feel frustrated and think of what to do now.

Security Cameras are the best solution. Wondering how?

Let me explain…

The night vision technology means that your security camera will be able to capture the image in any circumstances be it no light or low lighting situations. Now a days almost every Security Camera come with Night Vision technology.

Night Vision technology in a Security Camera makes it a must buy product.

This feature helps a lot at times when robbery happens in our house in night as it can capture every minute detail (face of the thief) and then police can investigate the case, there by helping them in taking action accordingly.

WiFi Range

Generally a security camera comes with a good WiFi range so that you can connect your WiFi with your security camera in order to set up your security camera pretty easily.

You might like to look for the WiFi range that you can place your security camera within range to make signal strength higher and thereby avoiding issues.

A lot of security cameras have WiFi support and some provide connection to your mobile through apps.

Backup Power

While not being a major factor you can consider backup factor as a secondary factor to look after while buying the security camera for yourself.

Whenever a thief or an intruder enters your house then first thing they will do is to break the power supply to your security camera.

Now a days almost all the manufacturers are including battery backup which lets security camera run for some time and there by capturing images, videos which helps a lot.

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Physical Memory Storage / Cloud Storage

As time is passing things are getting more advanced day by day. Even the technology is also improving day by day.

You might be wondering…

Where are the images, videos that is captured by the Security Camera going to be stored?

Let me give the answer…

The Security Cameras have a physical memory storage option available in them. All your images and videos that are shot by the security camera will be stored in that physical memory which is present.

This way, physical storage space saves you from buying a premium storage space by the manufacturers called “Cloud Storage”.

Now let me tell you…

Cloud Storage is an advanced technology which allows you to store files like images and videos in a  cloud space using cloud services.

Now a days Cloud Storage is provided by a lot of manufacturers and you can take the cloud subscription by spending a few amount.

There are a lot of advantages if you have cloud storage available with you. Suppose you are in your friend’s wedding or a vacation or office party etc and there you are clicking photos.

You are definitely going to feel a pain when your physical memory gets filled up.

There the concept of cloud storage comes. Thus, cloud storage increases accessibility and it also increases your limit of storing the data.

A lot of times it happens like the data that is stored in the physical memory of the security camera gets deleted. In this case too Cloud Storage helps us a lot. In cloud storage your data is protected and don’t gets deleted.

Although manufacturer might charge some monthly fees for the subscription to the cloud storage. But it’s totally worth when we compare the price to its features.


When you are buying anything then it’s obvious that you will look into your pocket and then spend money to buy that product. Right?

Security Cameras are not a costly investment, thus you can afford it very well. Some Security Cameras might have cost you few extra bucks but the cost gets balanced by its features.

Best 9 Home Security Camera of 2018

Now we have learnt What features are to be considered while buying a security camera, let us dive deep into the list of top 9 security cameras and review each one of them.

Sr. No. Camera Main Features Price
1 nest cam security camera
  • 1080p HD recording
  • Day and Night vision
  • Built-in speakers and mic.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Easy Setup
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2 Arlo 1HD camera security system
  • Wire free
  • Night Vision
  • 720p HD cameras
  • Easy Motion detection
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3 Nest cam outdoor security camera
  • 1080p HD video.
  • 24×7 live streaming
  • Weatherproof camera
  • 10x digital zoom
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4 Arlo Pro security camera with Siren
  • 100% wirefree
  • Weatherproof
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 720p HD camera
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5 Arlo-Q-1080-HD-security-Camera
  • 1080p HD recording
  • Built-in mic and speaker
  • Enhanced Night vision
  • HD card slot


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6 Stick Up Cam
  • HD video
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Weather resistant
  • Wireles camera.
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7 VimTag Wireless security Camera
  • 720p Video
  • 32GB pre-installed SD card
  • Weatherproof
  • Wireless
  • Night Vision & Motion detection
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8 NetGear-Q-1080-HD-security-Camera
  • 1080 HD recording
  • Enhanced Night vision
  • 24 x7 recording
  • Motion/Noise detection
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9. Piper-P1.5-Night-Vision-Security-Camera
  • Night vision
  • Wireless
  • HD video
  • Easy to install
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Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera – Value for Money

It was the year 2009 when a startup called Dropcam emerged and gave pretty good products over the years which included Dropcam Pro.

As time passed Dropcam started to rise as a huge Security Camera making company and delivered very good products over time. A Google property NEST bought DropCam for a hefty $ 555 Million.

home security cameras
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The Nest Cam indoor security camera has 1080 p HD resolution, 130 degree wide angle view which lets you have a close eye on your baby, family, pets so that their safety is preserved.

As the resolution is pretty high the images and videos recorded by the security camera is pretty good too.

With Nest Cam Indoor Camera you can easily cover your entire room say bedroom, dining room etc because it has a 130 degree field of view.

Nest Cam has a magnetic stand which allows you to have the security camera placed at your wish point.

One feature that we look closely in every security camera is the how easy it is to setup and install so that the user don’t get any difficulty in setting up the security camera.

Nest is totally successful in delivering easiest setup for their Nest Cam Security Camera.

How to install Nest Security Camera

In order to get started with your nest security camera, you need to first download the free Nest app.

After opening the nest app for the first time a welcome screen will popup.

On this screen you need to enter basic location information like country, zip code and a particular name which you want to give to your home which will appear in your nest account.

Then you have to click on add a product under settings.

After that you have to scan the qr code which is present at the rear of your nest security camera from your smartphone camera. Then enter your WiFi password and wait for few minutes.

The installation is done. Isn’t it just a piece of cake?

You will also receive a wall mounting kit which is very helpful in circumstances where the ability to reach is quite hard. The design is pretty good and it comes in black color.

Another good thing that we liked in nest cam is its ability to have 24/7 live video. Be it day or night, with Nest Cam Security Camera you will be able to see the live recording of your house every moment.

This way your family’s safety is preserved to a huge extent. Even the night vision is also very clear which indicates that the nest cam can shoot in no light to low lighting modes.

In Nest Cam there is a security alert feature which sends you a photo of any activity on your phone or mail in case some motion happens.

One thing that we disliked a lot in this Nest Cam Security Camera is that The Security Camera can give any motion or sound alert after 30 minutes. It is a huge disadvantage.

Wondering how? Let me explain…

Consider that you are sleeping in your room and no motion has been detected from the last 30 minutes (thus no notification has been sent from the last 30 minutes).

Now you turn off your lamp and go to bed there by making a motion and thus an alarm will be sent to your phone or email.

What if after 10 minutes or after 20 minutes some intruder or thief breaks in to your house, no notification will be issued because the 30 minutes time span has not been exceeded.

This is a huge shortcoming of the nest security camera which allows you to send a notification only after 30 minutes has passed from the previous trigger.

Because of the high resolution quality of the picture you can zoom in digitally and it won’t affect your photo’s clearity.

The Nest Cam Security Camera has a built in speaker and a microphone too.

With the help of this security camera you can easily listen what is happening inside the house and you can even talk to the person sitting in your house through the app.

This feature comes in handy if a someone comes into your house unexpectedly and performs some suspicious task then you can threaten that person by talking to him/her.

This advanced feature takes your family security to an enhanced level. This feature is also termed as two way audio.

There is a new technology which has come up with Nest Cam Security Camera which is the cloud storage technology. With the help of cloud storage you can easily store video in cloud service.

This ensures that the recording is open all hours of the day and night and you can access the recording from any where regardless of the time frame of the day or night.

It also decreases the risk of physical data stealing as all data is in cloud.

Nest Cam comes with a Nest Aware subscription to cloud storage whose fees is 10 dollar for 10 days of continuous recording and dollar 30 for 30 days of recording.

It is also a disadvantage as without the cloud storage you will be unable to record your video and this cost might be a bit costlier to some people too. Take a look at the Pros and Cons of this security camera.

  • High 1080p Resolution
  • Magnetic base
  • 24/7 Live Streaming through app
  • Easy installation and Setup
  • It will send a notification only after 30 minutes have passed from sending the previous notification
  • Expensive Nest Aware Subscription to cloud storage
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Arlo Security System – 3 Wire-Free HD Cameras

The Arlo Security System – 3 Wire-Free HD Cameras is  a completely wireless Security Camera which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors because of its huge features.

When we talk about the resolution then Arlo Security System has 720 p HD clearity resolution.

This resolution will not output us the highest level of clear image, but the image is pretty decent then also. You will be able to see clear and sharper details in the images shot by this security camera.

Other notable features of Arlo Security System includes that it is weather proof making it suitable for outdoors too.

It includes night vision too which lets you have a clear image and video even when there is no light available or in less light (clear vision in the dark). The kit consists of three security cameras.

Arlo 1HD camera security systemWhile talking about the battery life and the area till which Arlo Security System can see, it is evident that it has a battery life from 4 to 6 months.

As the security camera is wireless, it can be fitted at any any place without extra effort.

You can place this security camera 7 feet above the floor for better results.

Arlo Security Camera has 130 degree field of view thereby ensuring a large area of your house to be covered.

You can expect the Arlo Security Camera to work well under 300 foot range in optimal circumstances. Optimal circumstances means that there Is no obstacle that interfere with the signal.

You get three security cameras in this kit. With the help of them you can easily keep track of what your mother is cooking in the kitchen, what your kids are doing, who has come at your door- is it a stranger or some relative. Isn’t it useful?

You can even direct your kids to do their homework if they are playing at the time of studying.

Here also we have closely monitored the ease of setting up the Arlo Security Cameras system very closely.

You can easily monitor what is happening in your house or office just by opening up the Arlo’s free app.

With the help of Arlo app you can easily see the live streaming or the recorded videos by sitting anywhere on this planet. You can watch by opening Arlo app on smartphone, laptop, computer etc.

The Night Vision and Weather proof feature allows you to make this camera fit out of your house too very easily because there even if rain comes or some other weather change happens it will remain unaffected.

These features are very helpful because if someone tries to break in your house for any suspicious purpose like stealing or so, Arlo Security Camera will record clearly in the night too.

The Netgear Arlo Security Camera does not support IFTTT( If this then that) feature.

In this Arlo Security Camera too there is motion sensing feature which means that every time you set the motion sensing on, it will generate a push notification and send it to you.

It helps a lot if some unexpected thing occur. You can receive the notification by email or app.

You might be wondering…

What is the best distance upto which motion sensing can work effectively.

Let me explain…

You can expect effective motion sensing results from five feet to twenty feet from the point where your Arlo Security Camera is placed.

Your Arlo Security Camera come with eight 123 batteries too.

A 7 days cloud recording option also comes with the Arlo Security Camera and with that you can sync upto 5 security cameras. You can upgrade to higher plans if you need to sync more cameras.

Talking about Arlo app there are several options when you open it. Some of them are play and pause button.

While you are watching the live streaming on the app you can also take a photo or increase/ decrease brightness as per your needs.

One shortcoming that we found in Arlo Security Camera is that there are certain complaints where this camera does not work well in cold circumstances.

If we talk about the Arlo Operating temperature then it is 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Netgear is addressing this shortcoming in their product.

Pros and Cons of Arlo Security camera system :

  • Good Capturing Range of Images and Videos
  • 720p Resolution ensuring Clarity
  • Battery life may not be upto your expectations, so you need to have some extra batteries at your hand.
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Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera – Affordable & Best

Earlier we have reviewed the Nest Cam indoor Security Camera in this article. It was not suitable for placing in the outdoor purposes that’s why we are now going to look into Nest Cam outdoor security camera. Are you wondering why would you need the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera?

Let me explain…

It may be the case that someone is performing some unexpected or suspicious activity and you want to ensure your safety by having a closer look on that person.

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is going to satisfy you in this case.

In a plenty of other Security Cameras installation issues might occur while setting them up outside our house.

But in Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera the installation is pretty simple and you can place the camera outside your house without hastle.

One thing that usually comes into our mind while choosing a security camera is that how clear the image or video recorded by that security camera would be.

Well Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera has a 1080p HD resolution ensuring that the images and videos are of a pretty good quality.

Initially this security camera is set to record 720p images but you can switch to 1080 p for getting high quality images.

Please note that switching to 1080 p might cause your device to get warmed and use more bandwidth.Nest cam outdoor security camera

A 720 p video can take 200 Kbps bandwidth to 500 Kbps bandwidth while a 1080p video can take 450 Kbps to 1.2 Mbps bandwidth which ultimately leads to the conclusion that 1080 p clearity take more bandwidth than 720p.

In the day time the Nest Cam outdoor security camera records the faces clearly.

Some things might be captured as low quality in this Security Camera like grass etc. Other than that quality is awesome.

When talking about the night Nest Cam Outdoor gives a wonderful night vision experience.

When there is dim light or no light the camera switches into IR mode which throws light onto the dim light area there by capturing quality images and videos at night too.

Apart from having a 1080p resolution this security camera also has 130 degree wide angle view so that a large part of your house gets covered.

The installation procedure of Nest Cam outdoor security camera is pretty simple too. Its just plug and play.

The Nest Cam outdoor security camera also has a magnetic mount which is helpful in mounting the camera to a rain gutter too.

You can easily place the Nest Outdoor Security Camera outside of your garage in order to keep track of any unethical activity that happens outside your garage.

For installation you just need to fix the mount screws into the wall and then the camera will be fit into the mount.

The magnetic mount will hold the camera tightly but then also some movement can be observed so as to adjust the desired portions of image or video to be captured.

The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is weatherproof too which means that you can easily leave it in the rain. Thus it can be places outside your house without huge efforts.

Please note…

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera also has the feature to live stream the video 24/7 which means that with the help of nest app you can see the live streaming of your garden, outside of your house from any location with the help of your computer, laptop etc.

The Nest Cam Outdoor security camera also has a great feature of sending push notifications to your phone in case it detects some activity.

Another feature in the Nest Cam is that it automatically turns off when you are at home and will turn on if you go out.

You can also customize the Security Camera as per your requirements like if you want your Nest Cam outdoor security camera to turn on after it gets a bit darker in order to ensure safety of your family.

In case if some mischievous activity is found out by you, then you can also talk and listen to the person that is doing this activity in your house through the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera has a inbuilt speaker and a microphone too which means that if someone tried to steal then you can speak and threaten him/her with the help of the speaker that is attached in the Security Camera.

If some relatives come and you then you can give them a message with the help of this speaker. It also helps a lot in cases when you are not at home and mail man arrives to give you a really important courier.

You can also use IFTTT with this Security Camera which means that if someone tries to steal you can turn on the lights and this way the person will be shocked, threatened and ultimately will leave the house.

If you want to get your Nest Cam Outdoor Camera to do the recording continuously for 24 hours then you need to subscribe to Nest Aware Subscription which costs 8 euro per month for 10 day video recording history.

With the help of this premium service you can do unlimited downloading as this is a cloud storage.

There is no onboard storage in the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera, so you need to buy nest aware subscription in order to have video recording.

If you are not using the Nest Aware subscription then you will get basic security alerts.

But in Nest Aware Subscription you will get advanced motion detection feature. You will also be able to point out some important areas which you consider to be as special zones (activity zones) for being monitored closely.

The Subscription is expensive but worth the features that you get in the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera.
Pros & Cons

  • High 1080p Resolution
  • Water proof
  • Two way audio system
  • No local storage option.
  • Cloud storage at $10 per month plan
Check Price on Amazon

Arlo Pro Security System – with Siren

Netgear is a company which is well known in the market for their fantastic home equipment. Their products make user lives much easier and their products are affordable too.

Here we are going to discuss Arlo Pro Security Camera with Siren.

Its product dimensions are 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches and its weight is 1.1 pounds which makes it a suitable security camera in terms of portability.

In Arlo pro Security Camera we have got hassle free wireless installation which is very simple. Because of having no wires you can set it up in any place very easily.

Arlo Pro Security Camera has a very important feature which is found in a lot of security cameras now a days which is weather proof.

Thus Arlo Pro Security Camera can be placed inside of your house or outside too. You don’t have to worry if it is raining outside or shining outside. Arlo Pro Security System is going to do its job.

When talking about the angle of the image that Arlo Pro can capture then do note that Arlo Pro Security Camera can be adjusted to 130 degree field of view which means that you can adjust this camera angle wide according to your requirements so that large part of your desired images or video gets captured.Arlo Pro security camera with Siren

Arlo Pro Security Camera is having a white design which looks classy and on the front it is having a black finish.

Arlo Pro Security Camera has a 720 p resolution which is not the highest clearity resolution but is sufficient enough to get clear images and videos.

Arlo pro Security Camera contains 1 Lithium ion rechargeable battery. The batteries that are to be fit inside the security camera are long lasting and support quick charging(fast charging) feature.

You don’t need to out yourself on hassle in changing the batteries of the Arlo Pro Security Camera.

You can easily exchange battery and start the security camera without facing the problem of taking It offline.

Rechargeable batteries decrease the cost of your Arlo Pro Security Camera to a great extent which decreases the load on your pocket.

Arlo Pro Security Camera also has one great feature of motion sensors which means that if any motion happens till 23 feet from the camera then it can detect and send the notifications to you through your smartphone.

Some customers of Arlo Pro Security Camera have had problems in the past which made them little bit frustrated.

The Security Camera gave them notifications when a motion was detected but was unable to record the images/ videos for that particular motion sensing time.

The Arlo Pro Security Camera also has night vision feature which allows you to see in the dark too.

One more feature that is present in Arlo pro Security Camera is the built in speaker and microphone which lets you hear every activity that is happening in your house when you are not there.

In case you are not at home and someone tried to steal your precious things then you can just connect to the Arlo Pro Security Camera with the help of Arlo app and thus you can speak to them in a loud voice which will ultimately lead to them getting threatened.

There by a robbery can be prevented this way with the help of Arlo Pro Security Camera app. This feature is commonly termed as two way audio.

Another important and noticeable feature that you are getting with Arlo Pro Security Camera is the live streaming feature which allows you to have a live streaming of your house from inside or from outside or live streaming of what is happening in your office etc.

This feature comes very handy in cases where your kids are playing and breaking thins, you can just order them to be quiet and study.

You can also watch the live streaming of your office employees in order to see how hard and how efficient your employees are working right now.

The Arlo Pro Security Camera also has a 100 plus decibel siren which allows you to get alerted in case of any suspicious event happening in your house. This is a huge advantage and is very useful in various circumstances.

You can also use the USB storage which comes with the security camera to backup.

There is another advanced technology that comes with the Arlo Pro Security Camera which is the Cloud Storage technology.

When you buy the Arlo Pro Security Camera you get 7 days of free cloud storage which you can utilize to save files like images, videos in case some unexpected event occurs.

With the help of cloud recording feature you get to download the various images and videos that get captured by the Arlo Pro Security Camera and then you can see them at any time suitable to you with the help of Arlo app.

But after 7 day free trial period of cloud storage you might want the cloud storage again then you need to buy the subscription for whatsoever charges.

It has several other feature like Smart things, IFTTT(If this then that) which means that you can customize to perform a task in case a particular event occurs. Take a look at Pros and Cons:

  • Great Look
  • Recharge batteries which can last from 4 to 6 months there by cutting costs
  • 7 days of free cloud storage
  • 720p resolution is not the best
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Arlo Q Plus – 1080p HD Security Camera with two-way Audio – Free Cloud Storage – Ethernet and PoE

In Arlo q plus security camera, the camera resolution is 1080p which ensures that your image or video which gets recorded by the security camera is of huge quality and does not get blurred.

This camera is a very nice solution for small and medium businesses.

In this security camera too there is a feature of watching the live streaming at every hour of day and night. You can watch the live streaming from anywhere with the help of your computer, laptop etc.

Arlo Q Plus HD security camera also has a motion sensor which is very useful when you want the security camera to send push notifications in case a motion is detected.

It also sends notification to your phone in case if any sound is detected. The notification will not have a time lag(instant) which is a plus point.Arlo-Q-1080-HD-security-Camera

In order to get a security camera to be in our review list it has to pass the easy installation test. Arlo Q Plus HD security camera passes this test too.

The setup options are pretty much easy and flexible. You can connect the security camera to WiFi , Ethernet, PoE.

There is an additional feature which comes very handy in certain situations where you have to get an image or video recorded.

In that case you can fix an external SD card in the built in SD card slot which keeps all the images and videos in case your internet supply gets broken at some time.

Arlo Q Plus has night vision technology to let you have clear images in less light too.

In Arlo Q Plus Security Camera there is two way audio present too that is a built in mic and a speaker is present in the camera.

With this technology you can hear if your maid breaks some important kitchen stuff and you can even direct that maid to work properly by saying through the speaker.

You can adjust the security camera according to your needs as here also you get 130 degree field of view allowing you to get your desired image/ video area to get captured.

There is a special feature in Arlo Q Plus Security Camera which is to create activity zones so that the area which is most useful to you gets recorded and the waste area recording gets deleted.

For setting up the Arlo Q Plus Security Camera you just need to install app which takes less than 10 minutes.

You might be wondering what to do if I want a video recording of a day, well Arlo Q Plus has a 7 day free trial of cloud recording available for you which allows you to store the videos in the cloud storage so that it can be accessed any where.

But What to do after the subscription period gets expired. You need to purchase the subscription in case you want to extend the video downloading period at the cloud to be extended.

This way you can access any recording of your previous days made by the Arlo Q Plus at any place from your laptop. Pros and Cons of this security camera are…

  • Nice Clearity of Images.
  • Expensive Cloud Subscription.
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Ring Stick Up Cam- Outdoor security camera with 2-way audio

Ring Stick Up Cam is a great wireless security camera that is completely wireless and offers various great features. One thing that everyone demands now a days in a security camera is the resolution.

The quality of image/ video that we get in Ring Stick up cam is very good and is in HD format.

A major feature that you are going to find In every Ring Stick Up Cam is that all the security cameras are weather proof.

Ring Stick up cam outdoor security camera is weather proof too which allows you to setup the security camera outside of your house, garage or any other building without any worried of the weather.

Ring Stick Up Cam fight strong against rain, heat and any other weather condition and gives you the best image, video quality that you desire.Stick Up Cam

Although the Ring Stick cam does not have the greatest field of view. It has 80 degree field of view.

There are a lot more security cameras available which offer more degree of view so that a large part of your desired area gets in image/ video.

Wondering about the installation process…

Let me explain…

As we have previously discussed also that this Security Camera can be easily placed outside of your house without any hassle of installing it.

The camera is completely wireless. When you buy Ring Stick up Cam Outdoor Security Camera it comes with a tool kit and some installation guides too.

Now after having an eye on the installation guides you can easily mount the Security Camera at your desired location outside your house

Now there’s one more point I need to make…

The Ring Stick Outdoor Camera also has the ability to live stream the images and videos of every hour of day and night.

In this camera too the night vision is good and captures clear images in less light too. You can work in office without worrying about the safety of your house.

If you are on a picnic or any other location and want to see what’s happening in the house and outside the house then you can watch the live streaming which is available 24/7 for free.

The Ring Stick Outdoor Security Camera also has a motion sensor which allows you to detect any activity which is happening inside of the security camera and then send notification alerts to your mobile phone depending upon the motion detected.

Another thing that is present in this outdoor security camera is cloud storage. With the help of cloud storage we can store the data in a cloud which can be accessed in the future at any time from any place.

So, say if you are at some remote picnic spot and you need to watch the video of yesterday which is captured by the security camera then you can do that by visiting the cloud storage.

If we talk about the Ring Stick Cloud Subscription then its about 3 dollar per month and 30 dollar per year.

It’s not too much but shorter duration plans for cloud storage can be awesome for some customers too.

The Pros and Cons of this security camera are-

  • Completely Wireless
  • Very easy to setup
  • No Short term time period Cloud Subscription to watch recorded videos.
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Vimtag B-1 Outdoor Camera– Wi-Fi, Video Monitoring, Surveillance Security

We know how important it is to look after the precious things that are present in your house. But what about the things that are outside of your house.

If a notorious person tries to break in to your house with bad intentions then a loss can happen. Isn’t it?

It is equally important to see who is at your doorstep because may be someone is planning to perform any bad activity and if you know it from the start it might help you from preventing the activity.

So, now we are going to review Vimtag B-1 Outdoor Wi-Fi, Video Monitoring, Surveillance Security Camera.

The product dimensions of Vimtag Outdoor security camera is 3.5 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches.

It comes in a white color with black color on its inside. One thing that you would like to note about this security camera is its 1280* 720p resolution.VimTag Wireless security Camera

With this resolution you can expect high clearity pictures and videos. The pictures are pretty sharp and are not blurred at all.

A best thing that we liked In Vimtag outdoor security camera is that it can zoom upto 3x times digitally.

There are huge uses of Vimtag B-1 Outdoor Security Camera. Because of its capacity to capture clear images, you can see if some stranger has come at your door step, or if you have a mail to be arrived in your mail box then you can see if the mail man has delivered the mail in mail box or not.

Here also we have considered the installation procedure very strictly.

The installation procedure of Vimtag B-1 Outdoor Security Camera is very simple. You just need to download the app and then you need to open up the camera of your smartphone.

After that you need to locate the QR code which is present on the security camera  and afterwards scan it through the app.

Another feature that you are going to love in Vimtag B-1 Outdoor Security Camera is The Remote Live Streaming feature.

No matter where you are sitting in the world you will still be able to watch what is happening outside your house.

If you are worried of your car parking then with live streaming feature this issue is sorted out.

By placing the outdoor security camera outside your parking you can keep track which person is having strange behaviour and thus making the safety of your precious car.

All this you can do through Vimtag app, no need to open the browser too. Just open the Vimtag app and watch the live streaming.

Another quality feature that you would love in Vimtag Outdoor Security Camera is that it is water proof making it survive in any weather condition. So, be it rain or shiny day you can place Vimtag Outdoor Security Camera without any worry of it getting damaged.

Vimtag B-1 Outdoor Security Camera serves you in night also when you are sleeping. It has 12 IR LED Lights so that every image can be captured clearly. In the night also it captures clear images and videos despite of having low light or no light.

Here also you get motion sensors technology which allows you to send notification as soon as a motion is performed or an action is undertaken.

But makes that its sensitivity is low other wise you might get frustrated as it can general false reports too then.

The lens specifications are 3.6 mm. There is no cloud storage and no two way audio.

Instead of cloud recording there is a SD card slot which supports SD card for physical storage.

When you buy the security camera then along with the security camera you also get 32 gb SD card pre installed in it so that the high quality images and high quality videos can be captured in it effectively.

Pros and Cons of this security camera are…

  • Clear Night Vision
  • No Cloud Storage
  • No two Way Audio
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Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P HD– Wired Security Camera with Audio and Cloud Storage

Netgear is not a new company. It has been in the industry for several years and has produced several gems over time.

Another gem by netgear is Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P HD Wired Security Camera with Audio and Cloud Storage.

The first feature that we are going to look for in Netgear Arlo Wired Security Camera is the resolution that is how clear the images would be.

This Security Camera has a 1080 p HD resolution which ensures that the image that is going to be captured is of high quality and everything is clearly visible.

In the Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080p Security Camera there is 130 degree field of view whivh becomes helpful in case you want to cover a large part of your house.

If you are pretty much concerned about your family member’s safety, your precious stuff present in your house then its high time you bought this Security Camera.

Apart from 1080p HD resolution, this camera also has the live streaming feature which is available 24/7.NetGear-Q-1080-HD-security-Camera

As usual in every Netgear Security Cameras the installation procedure is very simple.

In Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Security Camera too the installation process just takes a few minutes. All this can be done by downloading the Arlo app in your smartphone.

If you are away from your house and are worried whether your kids are playing instead of studying in the study hours then you don’t need to worry any more because the Netgear Arlo Security Camera is going to solve your problem.

You can watch the live streaming of your house from any where in this planet. You just need to switch on the Arlo app and connect to It and watch the live streaming.

Are you also worried about your car being stolen which is parked in a shared parking?


Netgear has covered you here also. In this Security Camera Netgear has provided night vision feature which is a great addition and outputs clear image even if the light is too low.

In Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P HD Wired Security Camera with Audio and Cloud Storage there is a motion sensing technology which send you a push notification every time it detects a motion or an activity.


Keep the sensitivity of the motion sensor low other wise it might yield you some false outputs which will irritate you.

You can set some special areas to be monitored for motion.

Like if mailman arrives at the door then you can customize the motion sensor to send a push notification to your phone. A lot of times the notification is almost instant.

Like other security cameras, in Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P HD Wired Security Camera too there is two way audio feature which lets you speak to any intruder if you are not at home and while live streaming you found that person to be suspicious.

The audio listening feature is helpful in crime situations as this can give solid evidence for investigation to the police.

This Security Camera is not wireless, its wired security camera. The Security Camera saves you from some extra costs which includes battery costs etc.

On the other hand…

If you want to have a recording going on continuously all hours of day and night too then you need to pay some extra bucks for having a storage.

While the charges are not too high but these are optional charges for you to acquire cloud storage so that images and videos can be recorded 24/7.

With the concept of cloud storage you can store the data in a cloud service and you can easily access the data any time when you are free and from any location too.

Pros and Cons are-

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • Two Way Audio
  • Motion Alert
  • Night Vision
  • Activity Zone
  • No Third Party Integration.
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#9. Piper nv Smart Home Security System– with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera

Icontrol Networks has given, Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera.

When looking on it from design wise, the design is pretty attractive and classy. The Security Camera comes in black color.


If we talk about the product dimensions and weight then do know that the product dimensions are 5.5 x 7 x 8.8 inches.

When I received the product and placed it on my study table it was looking classy and did not occupy a large space there.

Apart from having a nice picture clearity, you also get 180 degree view camera in Piper nv Smart Home Security System which means that you can easily take advantage of in order to capture clear images and videos.

With the help of this security camera you can easily take care of your family, what your children are doing, what you pet is doing when you are not at home.

Piper n Home Security Camera Installation

The installation of Piper nv Smart Home Security System is very simple just as other security cameras.

You just need to download the app in your smartphone and connect the security camera with the app. That’s it. The process is done. That’s Al !

Like other security cameras there is motion sensing detecting capability here too.

Whenever any motion is detected then it will automatically send a  push notification to your mobile phone.

The piper nv Smart home security system also has a night vision feature which makes sure that the image and the videos that are clicked in the night are pretty good and clear despite being clicked in the night.

Like every other security camera in piper nc smart home security camera too there is a feature of two way audio which lets you hear what is happening in front of the camera and react to the situation accordingly.

There might be a case where some intruder or stranger has come into your house when you are not present there and you detect any mischievous activity by that person.

In that case, you can talk to that person by signing into the app and speaking to that person has a very high chance to threaten that person and thereby making him leave the house.

The Security Camera can easily detect the changes that are made to light, temperature etc.

Here also the recorded videos can be placed in a cloud storage which protects you from any theft as it may be in the case of a physical storage where thefts can take place and your images/ videos might get deleted.

Another feature that you get with the Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera is a 105 dB siren which is a great value addition. In the past there were some issues with the siren that caused inconvenience to the owner of the security camera as well.

At times there arise situations where dues to false inputs it hit the alarm  which was quite loud.

This was a pain because some house owners got complaint by their society fellow members as well. But as of now the issue is sorted.

Previously you had to take out the batteries, unplug the adapter in order to turn the alarm off.

But now the alarm can be easily deactivated by using the “disarm” button which is present in the app. This feature helps you a lot in handling various situations.

The Pros and Cons of Piper nv night security camera are:

  • Clear Images
  • 105 dB Siren
  • Motion sensor to detect light/ temperature/ humidity change
  • There were interference and echoes when we tested the mic in Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera.
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If you are one of those who want the safety of your family members, your parked car outside you house, other precious items in your house then it’s the right time for you to buy a security camera for yourself. Depending on your requirements you need to buy an indoor security camera or an outdoor security camera.

Now a days a Security Camera generally possess a lot of feature like two way audio, crystal clear images and videos, live streaming, cloud storage, wireless feature, easy installation and much more as discussed. In case your security camera is an outdoor camera, you need to get an additional feature in it called weatherproof so that it can sustain every weather condition.

If you are away from your home then you can easily watch the live streaming of what’s happening inside your house just by opening up the app in your smartphone and live streaming can watched at any hour of the day from any location.

Hope our guide to buy the best security camera has helped you in order to make your decision effective and best.

Top 9 Best Home Security Cameras of 2018
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